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Benefits of Refacing your Kitchen

Benefits of Refacing your Kitchen

Benefits of Refacing your new Kitchen

Everything in nature undergoes the processes of wear and tear. Things get old and require exclusive repair jobs or sometimes replacements. The same goes for our kitchens. Culinary items like, cutlery, dishes, glass wares, stoves are widely used throughout the day in our kitchens. These routine works cause abrasion and deterioration in the kitchen cabinets and the decorative items installed. Therefore, you must be planning on giving a new look to your kitchen.

Are you searching for some experienced kitchen remodelers in your locality? Are you in need of refacing your kitchen? If the answer is “Yes” then you must try Kitchen Tune-Up of Fort Collins. We will offer you professional expertise in kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen remodeling, cabinet painting, granite and much more related to updating your kitchen.

The benefits of refacing your new kitchen are as below;

Refacing is affordable

Replacing doors, the face of the cabinet and hardware of the kitchen cabinets is generally an more economical process to a full kitchen remodel. It does not require the investment as compared to a complete kitchen remodel. It will not disrupt your day to day use of the kitchen nearly as much as a complete gut and you get a fresh and updated look. Refacing is typically 30-50% less than a complete remodel as well.

It is Simple Yet Productive

Refacing means less complications and disorder. It saves your kitchen from being turned into a mess, like dust, sawdust and tools everywhere in your kitchen. It is simple, yet prolific; we fill replace the new cabinet doors or veneers with little disruption to your home. Your everyday routine is not disturbed; you just have to oversee the work our team is doing.

Environmentally Friendly Choice

Environment conservation is our top priority. We do not harm our nature by unnecessary and reckless cutting down of tress for rebuilding kitchen cabinets. Instead, we provide refacing solutions. You can choose drawer coverings, hinges, cabinet doors and a number of other materials that we offer for the enhancement of the exterior of your kitchen. You will be glad to see the widest range of items that we suggest.

Revitalizes Your Kitchen’s Look

Kitchen refacing revitalizes the beauty of your kitchen. Your kitchen gets a striking, elegant and a newer yet exotic look. It will feel like an even freshly made kitchen with everything installed brand new. Refacing will gently uplift the old look and it will transform it into a bathing beauty.     

Less Time Consuming Process

Kitchen refacing can typically be done in 3-5 days. You just need to select the doors and look of your choice and let it be our headache afterwards. We keep the area clean when we leave and that makes it usable for you that night to cook your evening meals.

Refacing can be customized

Some of the critics will say that you can’t change the layout of your kitchen with refacing. That is just not the case. With our exclusive Refacing Plus, you can add cabinets, move cabinets and remove cabinets that you don’t need any longer. This gives you the flexibility to update the layout of your kitchen while saving money on refacing over completely replacing all the cabinets.

Upgrade your functionality

Other critics say that you can’t reface because the drawer boxes might be damaged or you don’t have functionality in your current cabinets. In about 50% of our reface projects, we replace some or all of the drawer boxes to all wood dovetailed boxes. This also includes our highly sought after soft close features. During our consultation we will also ask what additional functionality would you like to see in your kitchen. Most people typiclay will add our very popular roll outs in their base cabinets to allow them to get the items in the back of their cabinets with ease. We also discuss adding soft close hinges, crown molding and many other conveniences that make your kitchen your dream kitchen.

New Style and Trend

An old fashioned or a weary appearance is something like being widely disliked. Nobody wants to live in a timeworn home in an era of modernization and advancement. People who like to stay up to the date must try kitchen refacing. It will give your kitchen a new and trendy look. You will get rid of that weary and ancient look that the passing years gave your kitchen.

Increases Real Estate Worth

Kitchen refacing can add worth of your home. Many times refacing can add more value as a percent of investment than higher end remodels due to it being a more economical process. Most people can’t even tell the kitchen was refaced, rather they see it as a completely remodeled kitchen. Residences with modernized rooms and kitchen are more attractive for the buyers. If you are planning to sell your house, you must give your kitchen a new breathtaking look. It will add value and sell your house quicker, resulting is less money spent on carrying costs.

You will not second guess your decision hiring our experienced yet professional team. Make sure that when you shop for someone to give you your dream kitchen, make sure they can offer you Kitchen Tune Up’s 8 Trustpoints. If you are in the Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Longmont areas and you want to drastically improve your kitchen at thousands less than completely gutting your kitchen, call 970-817-8863 to set up your FREE no obligation consultation today.

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